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Parsis Company (Parsis Innovators Technology Development)

Parsis Company is a manufacturer of financial and integrated financial preparation software, a holder of customer satisfaction and a leader in the production of specialized software, customer order, manufacturer of tps system of the HAMRAH AVAL company, production of application and android-based software. ios, software support, scheduling system, web page design and other software

  • Holds a certification rating in the High Informatics Council
  • Awarded an innovative product of the Digital Media Festival.
  • Member of the country's computer trade union organization.
  • Parsis's human resources strategy always emphasizes cooperation with specialized people, with professional, creative and capable ethics in order to have the best performance in order to attract customer satisfaction and the software production cycle. Especially in financial statements software and Parsis Company has used the opinions of experts and experienced consultants in this field to produce software.
  • We always believe that we can take steps to increase knowledge and use and utilization of information technology in all fields and be able to contribute to the scientific and technical growth of our country. Various software and customer order. So that we can take steps to meet the needs of our valued customers.

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